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Striving for a change. Change to a system that has lost it's way. A system that no longer serves the people or protects the innocent. A system that now rewards and parades violence and corruption, while targeting and diminishing the victims, the survivors, the vulnerable and less fortunate, in our communities. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world - Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has"

Margaret Mead

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Legal, Social, Environmental & Economic Justice


July  2017

The Truth

The Australian Workers Party (AWP) was born from dissatisfaction, disappointment, a result of endless Government deceit.  
We have sought a new avenue to express our displeasure with what is happening to Australia and to working people in our nation. We are also determined to bring new ideas and new solutions to the political table; we are a Party of positive change.
As a Party we bring a new and fully independent voice to demand social and economic justice, fairness, full-time job opportunities, workers’ rights, equality for our retirees, unemployed and protection of our people while respecting the uniquely diverse environment that we all enjoy.
We are fed up and tired;
  •    Of the endless failure of our State and Federal representatives to properly stand up for workers and the community and stop toeing pre-determined Party lines. 
  •    Of watching hand picked Party Machine indoctrinated MPs and Senators who sit and wait for whatever scraps their masters deem fit to give them. It is way past time for true local representation in our electorates, with collective voices that demand the opportunities currently being denied. 
  •    Of the endless big business first then ordinary people second approach of Government.
  •    Of being told the election promises made just couldn’t be delivered... again and again.
  •    Of being told that the fight for jobs, Australian ownership and new industries was too hard or too costly and therefore gets abandoned or sent offshore.
  •    Of watching weak opposition parties who let numerous and obvious poor decisions of a sitting Government slip by free of serious challenge or debate.
Like all Australians, we have been left to feel the impact of their wilful negligence and poor decisions. We too are drawn from the communities and families who need various supports and protections the most, yet were given it least.
We have watched helplessly as successive Governments inflict sell-offs, cuts and reductions on the very services, agencies and laws that exist to provide protection for Australian workers and their families;

  •      The CMC, (Crimes and Misconduct Commission)

  •      Health services

  •      Emergency services

  •      Advocacy groups,

  •      Human and civil rights,

  •      Privacy protections,

  •      Legal aid  

  •      The environmental and climate organisations

  •      Education

  •      Trades and apprentice programs

Most of all, we are tired of the endless political lies and disrespect shown to us all; 
Australians are systematically being treated with outright contempt as these overpaid under performers arrogantly demand we accept anything they choose to do to us, or for themselves, no matter how detrimental or offensive we may find it.
The Australian Workers Party was created to address and defend real worker, family and community issues; issues that are now all too often overlooked or traded away in the pursuit of cynical vote grabbing policies.
We are for everyday people who are hurting from the unfair burdens being deliberately placed upon them. People who often have no avenue of appeal, no voice, and often receive nothing but cuts and sackings for a life time of hard work and sacrifice so their children might get a better life than they had themselves.
When did our Politicians forget that they were elected to do what is fair and right for the people, not line their own pockets and live the high life at our expense? They have forgotten the people demand honest representation, voices that tell it like it is, who mean what they say and don’t shirk the fight.
The AWP is born from people just like you. Workers who have done the hard yards, carry scars and have had to feed families on minimum wages. We know what unemployment and financial failure tastes like. We know the struggle of working people. It’s time the politicians on both sides were reminded who put them there, who pays their salaries and who they are supposed to truly represent.
If you have had enough, then here's what the AWP wants to do;

  •      To hear your concerns, to speak up and fight for the everyday things that truly matter to Australian workers and their families.

  •      To pursue jobs, industry supports and demand real (full time not casual) job creation here at home

  •      To address people’s concerns over services that are being taken away bit by bit or the lack of proper funding to education and other vital community services

  •      To fight for workers’ rights, workers’ safety and to be a strong advocate for Trade Unionism.



Thank you for your interest in Sue Mureau - Queensland If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.


Steve Irwin Way Glass House Mountains QLD Australia 4519



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